The Global Strategic Solutions Group
Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities

The Global Strategic Solutions Group is a strategic communications consultancy that is committed to helping clients all over the globe effectively deliver their message to the world.

Our company's unique combination of expertise, experience and commitment to excellence enables our clients to successfully leverage communications to achieve organizational goals. Whether you need to get your message out or set the record straight, The Global Strategic Solutions Group will make it happen.



The principals of The Global Strategic Solutions Group have expertise in a number of areas, including education, diversity management, government communications, labor issues, political communications and public policy. 



Company principals have experience working in the public, private and nonprofit sectors and are experts in communicating with a wide variety of consumer, business, governmental and philanthropic constituencies.



The Global Strategic Solutions Group is never satisfied with merely meeting our clients' expectations. We are relentlessly committed to greatly exceeding their expectations. We make it our business to do outstanding work performed to the highest quality standards and to ensure superior outcomes for our clients. That's our standard of excellence.


                                                             Areas of Practice

Advocacy Campaigns                                                          Internal Communications
Crisis and Disaster Management                                       Issue Advancement
Development Communications                                           Labor Affairs Positioning
Direct Mail Campaigns                                                       Liaison Services
Editorial Services                                                                Litigation Communications
External Communications                                                  Media Relations
Fundraising Campaigns                                                      Message Development
Government Communications                                            Reputation Salvation and Repair
Governmental Relations Management                              Social Media Messaging
Intercultural Advisory                                                        Strategic Communications



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Contact us today to discuss our strategy for helping your organization to protect its assets, achieve market dominance, advance its agenda or overcome a crisis. We welcome the challenge of transforming your obstacles into opportunities.

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